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Hey y'all.

I'm Corey. And I teach people about race and racism. From the history of anti-Black narratives and the current impacts of systemic racism, to unpacking implicit bias and developing values-aligned beliefs – I'm here to help you, your family, your organization and your company become better.  

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Hey y'all.

I'm Corey. And teach people about race and anti-Black racism. From the history of anti-Black narratives and the current impacts of systemic racism, to unpacking implicit bias and developing values aligned beliefs - I'm here to help you, your family, your organization or your company to become better antiracists.  

So where do we start? At THE beginning and YOUR beginning. 

Whether you're an individual or part of an organization, there is a lot of unlearning involved in antiracist development.  We have to start at the beginning of racist narratives AND your experiences with race.  

For individuals, this involves looking back at formative experiences, implicit and explicit teachings and a radically honest inventory of bias.  Click here to learn more about individual transformation and healing.

For organizations, it involves looking honestly at interactions inside and outside your organization, recognizing past harm and integrating antiracism into every facet of your organization. Click here to learn more about organizational transformation.

My 3 core beliefs 

Change, Not Blame

I believe this process should be uncomfortable and difficult BUT not punitive. The goal is antiracist progress not a punishing process, and at the core of my methods is the commitment to valuing everyone’s humanity. I will treat you with compassion and love. And I ask for your sincerity and effort.

Transformation is Possible

I believe that change is possible. You are not your thoughts or your feelings. AND neither are static. You have the power to change your biases, your beliefs and your actions. No matter what you’ve done, you have the power to do better in the future.

Healing Comes with Work

It takes study, work and commitment to unlearn bias and create new, values-driven beliefs.  Those willing to be introspective will find meaningful healing in this process. It won't be easy. But it will be rewarding.

Ready to get started? 

There are self-study and guided options available now! What courses are enrolling currently? Click here to see the courses in active enrollment.

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Change is possible. Here's what people are saying. 

Marion Grover

I wanted you to know I have watched most of your videos and have really learned a lot from them.  I think about what you have educated me on a lot and how my white privilege makes my life different than yours and other black citizens.  

The video that I think the most about is the one where you tell about your hospital experience.  As a nurse I hope I have never made anyone of any color feel the way you felt that day.  

This last week I was leaving a Spanish speaking room of a woman having a bad day.  I got to the nurses station and thought....I don’t think I helped her feel any better.  I went back in the room with a translator phone and spent a lot of time listening to this woman and explaining the plan.  I did that because of your video.  I also have spent more time with black patients.  

I am listening and want to do better.  Thank you for helping me see the injustices!    Keep teaching us!  I’m listening!


Saiorse Lynn Stewart

I am a white woman living with a white man in a RED area.  He was raised RED, military family, stand for the flag, the whole thing.

We’ve had ENDLESS discussions about how this administration has affected my home, my children’s ability to have access to the programs they need, etc. He always listened, but I never felt like he heard me.  There was even a time I was so fed up I told him he knew where the door was because I’m on a bigger journey; he can hop on board or stop wasting my time. 

I’m sure the endless BLM series on Netflix and prime helped him realize his privilege.  But I started showing him your videos..  The way you present a topic is both incredibly educational and challenging, but never attacking.  I watched as our own narrative has changed with each other as a couple, because you’ve taught me, and then him, how to communicate with multiple thought processes at once.

One of the things you said in a video stands out because I could tell that something hit him hard.  I can’t remember the quote verbatim but you said it in a way I’ve tried to say over and over - that there is “no perfect candidate”.  You said, “black women always show up even when they are half happy.” 

The next day he asked me if you had another video.  I just smiled.  Between all of the battles we are facing on so many fronts, you were the one helping him change his own narrative and evolve in his views in a much faster way than I could..

THANK YOU.  You are helping change the narrative not just in my home, but I’m watching your videos be shared and discussed in my very racist town with an open mind.