15 Things Black Women Know About Hair Care That Everyone Should Know

black women hair care Oct 20, 2020

HAIR. It's a challenge for women everywhere.  But for black women living in a world defined by white beauty standards, hair is a challenge from the get go.  From our first perms and presses to braids and natural hair, getting to know our hair is a journey – one that we take with our mothers and sisters.  Along the way we learn and share a lot.  And it occurs to me the we don’t always share it with our non-black friends even though most of them would benefit from what we’ve learned.  So, here it is. The secrets that everyone should know. 

1.  You have to get to know YOUR hair. 

Black hair is widely various.  When we are young, our mothers get to know our unique hair type.  Even within the same family or the same curl pattern, a different hair care regimen can be required.  But so many other women I know don’t really KNOW their hair.  Yes, you know if your...

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