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Antiracist education and coaching for individuals & soloprenuers.

We are in a new civil rights movement, and you want to be a part of the change. You've got the stack of books next to your bed. But who should you be listening to? How do you process the mean, rude and nasty comments from others as you learn? How do you learn while processing how horrible racism really still is?  And how do you do more than just learn - how do you act in ways that create a more just world. 

When you're ready to DO more, you're ready to engage in antiracist growth, healing and action.

Online Courses

I offer online courses designed to help you learn, develop antiracist values, unlearn your implicit bias and map antiracist action.  From bitesize learning to six week guided online workshops, there are courses for a variety of knowledge levels and time commitments. For a glimpse of the course on offer now and in the future, click here.

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UNLEARN reopens for enrollment January 31. A guided experience, this course is designed to help you move from learning antiracist narratives, through a de-biasing process and into values aligned action.  A nine week experience.

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One to one racial healing

When you're coping with life experiences that complicate these conversations - assault, estrangement, abuse, or other harm - one to one coaching can be a way to augment other therapies with de-coupling and de-biasing techniques. With kindness and compassion, we'll privately unpack your biases with sensitivity to your life experiences. If you're interested in one to one coaching, reach out to me via email here. 

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