More confidence, fewer missteps, better antiracist action starts right here.

A nine-week experience to unlearn anti-Black bias, unpack your racial history and move into healing and readiness for antiracist action.

Many of us were socialized in an anti-Black culture. We were taught history from a white frame, told stories with white heroes, and immersed in a society that sold whiteness as the right way of being. Our culture may have taught you to fear Black people and that Black people are inferior people. 

All of that is wrong. And it's your responsibility and your time to UNLEARN it.

More confidence, fewer missteps, better antiracist action starts right here.

A nine-week experience to unlearn anti-Black bias, unpack your racial history and move into healing and readiness for antiracist action.

Many of us were socialized in an anti-Black culture. We were taught history from a white frame, told stories with white heroes, and immersed in a society that sold whiteness as the right way of being. Our culture may have taught you to fear Black people and that Black people are inferior people. 

All of that is wrong. And it's your responsibility and your time to UNLEARN it.

UNLEARN is the only guided program of its kind that shows you how to shed anti-Black beliefs and biases. 


Over nine weeks, you’ll unpack your old beliefs and biases, analyze their origins and do the work of racial healing. You'll move from nervous and anxious in conversations about race, to confident and ready to be an authentically available friend, parent, and ally to Black people. 

Before I tell you about this life changing experience, let’s talk about who this is really for.

You are a person who believes deeply in equality and justice who is tired of feeling frustrated and not knowing what to do. When you’re radically honest with yourself, you know that you have absorbed many negative beliefs about Black people from our culture, the media or your experiences, and you want to free yourself of those beliefs. You want authentic relationships with Black folks (and all other kinds of people too!) that don’t harm them and in which they are free to be fully themselves. You want to know exactly what to do when harmful words are spoken and racist events occur. And more than anything, you want your thoughts and feelings about Black people to consistently align with your values.

Whether you’re a:

  • Solo-pranuer, small business owner, non-profit leader or service provider who wants to serve the Black community with cultural humility and deep understanding AND stop making well-intentioned missteps.
  • A parent of a Black or biracial child who loves their child beyond measure and wants to raise them with a balanced, whole and authentic sense of themselves AND help them navigate the realities of an anti-Black society.
  • A white or non-Black person that wants to know more, be a better friend, AND be ready to advocate for Black people at work, at school and in your community.
  • A Black or biracial person who struggles with anti-Blackness as a result of cultural exposure, parenting or racial alienation AND is ready for healing. 

If any of those sound like you, you're in the right place. Through the UNLEARN experience, I'll share the tools to unlearn anti-Black bias and move into racial healing. 

Even better, you’ll be supported through this journey in both small groups and one-on-one with me, as we work with radical honesty and deep empathy through your past and into your newly centered, balanced best self.

By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Deep knowledge of the historical origins of the stereotypes our culture holds about Black people.
  • A working sense of how structures and individual prejudice work together to entrench racist outcomes and create anti-Black inertia.
  • An understanding of which implicit and explicit biases you hold and where they came from. And more importantly, the tools for UNLEARNING them.
  • A model for your racial socialization with an understanding of how you move through cycles of racial awareness.
  • A method for looking at our brain's cognitive biases as a method for understanding impediments to unlearning both explicitly and implicitly held beleifs.
  • A deep sense of your strengths as an antiracist and a concrete path for creating antiracist change in your life and the life of those around you.
  • Confidence in your readiness to make decisions and take action when situations that could do harm to Black people arise.

One quick aside. This is NOT the course for you if

you’re still trying to determine if racism exists or if you’re still wrestling with concepts like reverse racism.  It is not for you if you’re uncomfortable recognizing whiteness or think that talking about racism and seeing difference is the root of the problem. If those describe you, I’m happy to direct you to some resources, but this class isn’t yet right for you.


I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It was through Corey’s course that I started to feel like I didn’t have to feel shame - about ways I’ve behaved, things I’ve thought…. Because my intention in my heart is to change and unlearn. Corey gave me a lot of tools to identify what’s there and address it.

Danielle Johnson

Social Media Marketing Manager
University of Georgia

The 10 Most Common Myths About Anti-Racist Training  

There is so much anxiety around racial conversation and training. Let's take a minute, together, to debunk some of the most common myths about this work.  

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“The topic of racism immediately brings up so many emotions for me; anger, fear, lack of confidence, etc., which is often followed by tears.  Enrolling in Corey’s Unlearn course took a lot of courage and I’m so glad I did. I learned a lot about history, the government, myself.  The assignments were thought-provoking and the weekly discussions lively.  My group was sincere, intelligent and dedicated.  I particularly enjoyed the Marco Polo post throughout the week as we all ruminated and shared our thought about that week's topics.  I find myself utilizing the skills Corey taught me long after the course ended.”  

- Catherine Wilson, MEd, BCBA, LMHC, Pirinceville, Hawaii

"When I joined Unlearn I wasn't quite sure what to expect. New information? Better strategies?  A deeper understanding of what antiracism really was? Well, this program delivered on all counts - and more. I was able to better understand the deep roots of implicit and explicit bias - both in me and others. Understanding this helped me figure out my own role in deepening my commitment to continuing to work for all. I was able to immediately implement my learning each week and still return to the work I did to inform practice now. Corey is a gifted facilitator- she is compassionate and passionate and doesn't let you off the hook but supports as she pushes your thinking and action."  

- Andrea Harrison, Educator, Thought Facilitator and Writer, Ontario

“The work I was doing/reading on my own didn't feel like it was making the powerful change I wanted. I thought having a teacher in a small group would help me be more accountable and would call bullshit on me when needed (and it was!). The weekly discussions were really powerful for me. It was the equivalent to sitting in a circle and talking through the curriculum. Now, I feel like I am more aware and more thoughtful than I was. I'm continuing to catch myself when I have a biased thought and questioning my thinking. The question was definitely of value to me, and I hope you're able to share it with others. You've made a difference in my life.”

- Andrea Murray, Director of Auditions, Actors' Equity Association, New York


What’s Inside UNLEARN 


Week 1

Our Beginnings & The Origins of Anti-Black Stereotypes

We begin with assessment of individual antiracist knowledge at this moment in time and set out individual goals for the course. We come together as a group and discuss our background and needs - ensuring that each person is in the right small group.

In week one, we also talk about the importance of the Enlightenment period and the birth of racist stereotypes. At the end of this lesson, you’ll understand:

  • The nature of stereotypes and why we believe them
  • The specific Enlightenment origins of anti-Black stereotypes
  • The three Enlightenment era justifications for slavery
Week 2

The Hyper Sexual Stereotypes

This week’s lesson is a deep dive into the complicated origins of Black people as hyper sexual - The Jezebel and The Black Buck.  You’ll see the origins of notions of Black women as “hos” and Black men as the “Mandingo” through the lens of slave era practices of assault, breeding and breaking.

At the end of this lesson, you'll understand:

  • The nature of assault and sexual availability in the antebellum and post-Reconstruction periods
  • The use of breeding and breaking and it's impact on Black bodies
  • The twin fascination and horror of the Black male body
  • The modern connections with the welfare queen and sexual assault.
Week 3

The Hostile Stereotypes

This week’s lesson focuses in on the notions of Black people as violent, angry and rude. We’ll look at the evolution of the Sapphire stereotype in television, film and radio, and how it continues to impact Black women and girls in employment, schools and the criminal justice system. We’ll also unpack notions of Black men as dangerous thugs and America’s simultaneous demonization and fear of Black men through slavery and the reconstruction period through to hip hop and the carceral state.

This week we will explore:

  • How the Sapphire stereotype delegitimizes Black anger and dehumanized Black women.
  • How Sapphire also highlights the imagined amorality and laziness of the Black man.
  • How the Black thug became the symbol of criminality in America.
  • How the thug trope interacts with state violence.
Week 4

The Fantastical Stereotypes

In week four, we look at the more “innocuous” stereotypes to our modern eyes - Pickaninny, Mammy and Uncle Tom.  We’ll look at the ways in which these stereotypes diverged from reality and functioned to assuage white guilt in the post-slave era. We’ll also examine the fragments of these stereotypes that persist in the modern era.

In week four we will explore:

  • The rarity and realities of the nursemaid slave and the use of the happy slave for guild abatement.
  • Why mammy persisted in advertising and why she was so effective at selling household products. 
  • How the pickaninny served as a justification of Black bodily control. 
  • The adultification and dehumanization of Black children through the Pickaninny trope.
Week 5

Inner Exploration & Bias Inventories

This week begins our exploration of your racial socialization and your inner world.  We’ll embrace two mindset shifts that will help us as we do this transformative work.  In this week’s workbook, you’ll spend time reflecting and mapping important moments in your racial socialization.  With self compassion and radical honesty, we’ll take rapid inventory assessments and attempt to unearth some of our implicit and explicit beliefs. We will also reserve time for self compassion exercises in parallel with the bias assessments.

At the end of this week's self analysis work you'll understand:

  • How you were socialized to understand your race and the race of others.
  • Which early interactions formed your foundational beliefs about race.
  • Which areas in your life most impacted your early understanding of race. 
Week 6

Systems of Thinking and Cognitive Shortcuts

As we work through our thoughts and feelings about our implicit and explicit biases, we’ll look at common obstacles to change. We’ll explore our two systems of thinking and examine what behavioral psychology tells us about our impediments to learning new information. 

In week six you'll understand:

  • The two systems of thinking and why interrupting system one thinking is critical to overcoming bias.
  • The many cognitive and ego protection biases which prevent new learning.
Week 7


This week’s work combines our understanding of the origins of stereotypes, our own personal histories and our biases to begin the process of explicit unlearning. We interrupt our cognitive biases and explore our beliefs with curiosity, questioning them and looking at evidence that supports our values.  In week seven we'll work through the seven pieces of the E-X-P-L-I-C-I-T pneumonic, developing the process that we will apply next week to our individual biases.

As we do explicit work, we bring our awareness to our body and what our subconscious mind and body awareness can tell us about our implicit biases. We explore our physical discomfort around certain topics as a method to unearth deeply held bias. And we look to science backed methods of embodied awareness to decrease bias.

Week 8

Readiness Work

In this week, we focus on your responses to racist acts and words. We look at the ways in which your body awareness, interrupting system one thinking and mindfulness technique can increase your confidence and your antiracist thinking in moments of crisis. We also take a look at the systems in which you function and prepare for situations which you might expect to experience. 

Week 9

Proactive Antiracist Work

We we wrap up our time together, our attention turns to your proactive work in the world. We develop your antiracist resume and begin to think how you might proactively support Black led organizations.  We identify your skills and your spheres of influence and develop a strategy for intervening where you’re likely to be most effective at interrupting harm. And we close the experience with your antiracist road map - in which you’ll map the cycles and actions for your next year of growth 

In week nine we will - 

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build your antiracist resume
  • Develop your antiracist road map with planned cycles of activity and reflection

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


(A $3799 Value)


  • 9 Weeks of Video Learning Modules

    Nine modules of on-demand lessons to increase your historical awareness, link racist history to modern implicit beliefs and guide you through self-awareness of your racial socialization, past, and biases

  • Guided Self Reflection Workbooks

    These prompted analysis self-analysis tools give you space and time to reflect on your own experience and development, then - as you are comfortable - bring it to group discussion.

  • A Weekly Guided Discussion Call

    A call, designed for to explore the week's lessons and reflect on the self assessments in supportive community.

  • Marco Polo Small Group Video Chats

    Just for your choice of small group. These asynchronous chats allow us to discuss world events, questions and realizations as they happen.

  • Science-backed Meditation Tools

    Guided meditations, sleep meditations and lovingkindness meditation tools designed to increase embodied awareness and decrease anti-Black bias.

Plus These Bonus Tools 


Bonus 1

A Private Coaching Call with Corey

A thirty private call via zoom with Corey, coaching you through your unique and specific obstacles on the antiracist journey.

(A $200 Value)

What You’ll Get:

This one on one opportunity gives you a partner in guided reflection and analysis.  Use this time to: 

  • Hone your antiracist values statement as a business owner.
  • Work through a specific occurrence of racism in your past.
  • Develop a strategy for interacting with problematic friends or family members.
  • Get specific suggestions for your antiracist actions at work or in your community. 
  • Or any other race-related issues in your life or past. 


Bonus 2

This is Not a Drill:  An Antiracist Communication Mini Course

A three hour, on-demand short course to help you engage in more effective and more persuasive conversations with those not yet on the antiracist journey.

(A $250 Value)

What You’ll Get:

It's the work of allies to reach and teach others and this short course will enhance your skills, help sharpen your tools and give you a blueprint for these challenging conversations. At the end of the course, you'll know:

  • which words are most and least effective in helping others reframe thoughts about race.
  • how to cultivate a mindset that energizes you, motivates you AND increases your empathy and patience
  • how to manage your own activation during the conversation.
  • which tools are most effective at persuading others to change their own minds.
Bonus 3

Antiracist Insights: A 30 Day Journal

Thirty days of journal prompts designed to deepen your journey of antiracist exploration and reflection.

(A $30 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Prompts that invite you to explore how your racial identity was formed.
  • Questions that ask you to reflect on your past actions and interactions. 
  • Prompts that challenge your acceptance of white norms.
  • Reflections that encourage empathy and de-centering.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

UNLEARN - $3799 Value

  • Bonus 1: A Private Coaching Call - $200 Value
  • Bonus 2: This is Not a Drill: The Communication Mini-Course - $250 Value
  • Bonus 3: Antiracist Insights: A Guided Journal - $30 Value

Bonus Value: $480

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $4279

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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The 30 Day Do-The-Work Guarantee

I am certain that if you do the work, you’ll deepen your knowledge and grow as a person and as an antiracist during this nine week period. If you complete the videos, workbook and participate in the weekly calls for the first four weeks and feel that this work is not for you, I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is email me with notes that you've shown up and put in the work, and I'll send you a check. It's that easy.

Still thinking about it?


How do you know you're ready for the inner work and to move into deep antiracist readiness and action?

  1. You're the partner to a Black person or parent of a Black child that wants to deeply understand and fully partner with the one that they love. You want to go beyond reading and listening and are willing to look at yourself with radical honesty to get to authentic healing and transformative change.
  2. You are an ally well-positioned to influence others and are ready to move more confidently into teaching others of your own race. You want to deeply understand your own biases and UNLEARN them in order to heal and help others heal.
  3. You know what you WANT to feel about Black people and are haunted by those thoughts or feelings that don't align with your beliefs or values. You are ready to be free of that anxiety and worry that misalignment creates.
  4. You have a passion for equity and social justice and want to be more effective and a more sensitive and compassionate ally
  5. You are a nurse, therapist, doctor, life coach, minister or healer that wants to understand and unlearn anti-Blackness so you may serve your clients with love and cultural humility. 
  6. You are tired of trying hard and meaning well and STILL making mistakes. You want to partner with Black people without doing inadvertent harm and are willing to learn how.
  7. Ready to look inward, examine your past, understand the history and be free of anti-Blackness so that you can heal and help others heal. 

I can’t wait for you to join UNLEARN.

I am so excited about guiding you over these next nine weeks.  I know that you can do this work. AND, I know that it’s the committed, passionate, and compassionate alumni from this course that will go out into the world and make change. 

I started doing racial equity work because I wanted to help the world become a more fair, just and equitable place for Black people. That was my heart’s calling.

But this course, in particular, was birthed from the realization that there were lots of loving, kind, well-meaning people making mistakes simply because they didn’t know how not to.  UNLEARN is the answer to that.  Through historical learning, deep inner work and self-exploration, UNLEARN will give you the tools to do better at work, with your family, and in your community. 

So, come UNLEARN with me.  I can’t wait to see you in my next class. 


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